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The purpose of this Website is to provide students with free 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper patterns that can be cut out, folded, and glued, resulting in a paper landform. Our goal is to help students understand the Earths landforms. Tau and Ann Alpha, 2011.


Select a landform model to see its cut-out patterns, instructions, and to print its cut-out patterns.

Barchan Sand Dune
picture of barchan sand dune model

Blind Thrust Fault
picture of blind thrust fault model

picture of caldera model

Cinder Cone
picture of cinder cone model

Dike and sill
picture of dike and sill model

picture of Earth globe model

picture of graben model

picture of horst model

picture of laccolith model

Land of Oz
picture of Land of Oz model

Left Lateral Fault
picture of left lateral fault model

Limestone Caves
picture of limestone caves model

Longitudinal Sand Dune
picture of longitudinal sand dune model

Normal Fault
picture of normal fault model

Oblique-Slip Fault
picture of oblique-slip fault model

Ocean trench
picture of ocean trench model

Parabolic Sand Dune
picture of parabolic sand dune model

Right Lateral Fault
picture of right lateral fault model

Sea-floor spreading
picture of seafloor spreading model

Shield Volcano
picture of shield volcano model

Star Sand Dune
picture of star sand dune model

picture of strato-volcano model

Tectonic Earth globe
picture of tectonic Earth model

Thrust Fault
picture of thrust fault model

Transverse Sand Dune
picture of transverse sand dune model

picture of tsunami model

Volcano with Coral
picture of volcano with coral model

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