History of Tesla - A California Coal Mining Town

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Dan L. Mosier and Earle E. Williams, 2002, 2nd edition, soft cover, 405 p., ISBN 1889064084.

The life and death of a coal mining town, Tesla, California. It was founded in 1890 by John Treadwell, who turned the Tesla coal mines into the largest producer in California for nearly a decade. The historical significance of Tesla is documented for the first time. Over 160 photographs depict life at Tesla during its heyday. Book Review (goes to another website).


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Alameda County Place Names

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Page Mosier and Dan Mosier, 1986, soft cover, 130 p., ISBN 1889064025.

Origins of over 800 names current and obsolete are described and shown on maps. Names include cities, towns, villages, ghost towns, town sites, landings, railroad stations, points, peaks, hills, canyons, streams, and other geographic names. An important reference book for historians and genealogists researching in Alameda County. Book Review.


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Dublin Gold

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Dan Mosier and Page Finney, 2001, 2nd ed., soft cover, 18 p., ISBN 1889064076.

History of the discovery of gold in 1871 on Gold Creek near Dublin, California. This book gave the information for the historical plaque erected by the Joaquin Murrieta Chapter 13 of E Clampus Vitus.


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H.A. Coal Mine

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Dan Mosier, 1992, soft cover, 27 p., ISBN 1889064009.

Chronicles the history of the H.A. coal mine in Hayward, California, as reported in the local newspapers during the 1870s.


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Name Index For The Centennial Year Book of Alameda County

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Dan Mosier, 1997, soft cover, 59 p., ISBN 1889064068.

Index of all names mentioned in The Centennial Year Book of Alameda County by Haley published in 1876. The name index will aid historical researchers and genealogists in finding names in this informative county history book.


Assassination In Decoto

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Timothy Swenson, 2005, soft cover, 35 p., ISBN 1889064106.

History of the assassination of Police Chief William Cann, in 1974, when racial tensions erupted between the Hispanics and the white newcomers in the town of Decoto (now part of Union City).


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Carrell of Corral Hollow

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Earle E. Williams, 2004, soft cover, 838 p., ISBN 1889064902.

The diaries of Edward Baldwin Carrell covering the period from 1847 to 1880 while living and working in the region of Corral Hollow, San Joaquin and Alameda counties, California, are published in this account. Carrell describes the everyday life from the days of running a tavern that served the argonauts heading for the gold fields, to assisting Grizzly Adams in capturing the big one, to working as a coal miner, to the daily monotony of herding sheep.


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